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SELECTedge: Features
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Distinctive decorative edging - bordered only by your imagination!

  • Ideal for garden edging, tree rings, planting beds and pavement borders
  • Flexible, modular design fits any border plan without gaps between units
  • Flush installation eliminates grass trimming
  • Economical - superior quality at a competitive price
  • Designed for easy installation with professional results
  • Provides a broad barrier that effectively prevents grass from encroaching on protected areas

The flat, flush SELECTedge surface lets you run the wheel of your lawn mower right on top of the edging. So you can easily mower-cut grass right up to your SELECTedge border - and eliminate tedious, time-consuming grass trimming and "weed eating" all around your yard. Simply perfect.

Here's a few ideas to enhance your landscape plan

Curbing SELECTedge
Units raised slightly above adjacent surfaces make an ideal curb along sidewalks, driveways, patios and pathways.

Circular Borders
When installed in a fanned configuration with their beveled sides adjacent, SELECTedge Units form a 40" diameter ring that's ideal for encircling trees, light poles, mailbox posts and planting beds.

Straight Borders
Placing SELECTedge Units side by side in an alternating pattern produces straight linear edging up to any length desired.

Wall & Fence Bases
For the ultimate in beautiful, easy-care landscape edging, install a SELECTedge border at the base of fences, retaining walls and building foundations.

Serpentine Borders
Combining the above two installation methods lets you tailor SELECTedge borders to any size or shape your landscape design requires.

Accents & Combinations
By arranging the SELECTedge units as seen here, and by combining different colors of SELECTedge units, you can create accents to any border.


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