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SELECTedge & StoneWall SELECT Retaining Wall Systems

SELECTedge units are a uniquely simple concept in decorative landscape edging. The modular, trapezoidal shape of each SELECTedge unit offers endless design possibilities and unlimited flexibility when creating borders. The flush SELECTedge surface is perfect for mowing because it lets you run the wheel of your lawn mower right on top of the edging. The broad barrier shape of each unit prevents grass from encroaching protected areas.

Concrete retaining wall systems such as SELECTedge and StoneWall SELECT continue to grow in popularity because they of their efficiency, beauty and longevity. These units are easy to install and are naturally made to last.

Use SELECTedge for decorative edging and create beautiful borders and bases for trees and shrubs. Define your space using patterns or free form designs. It is ideal for gardens, tree rings, planting beds and pavement borders. SELECTedge's natural scale, color and good looks blend perfectly with any landscape. The integrally colored concrete features earth tones including browns and tans as well as grays and reds. Choosing colors that work best with your surroundings allow the units to be a beautiful addition to any yard or landscape.

Stonewall Select Retaining Wall System
A distinctly different look. This retaining wall system provides natural real rock beauty for walls up to 40 ft high. It’s perfect proportions are the perfect fit for projects large or small.

SELECTedge Landscape Border Stone
These maintenance free landscape border stones provide a great way to finish off any planting bed, tree ring or walkway.

The Newcroft Retaining Wall System
A retaining wall system that looks like hard quarried stones. Yet it is easy to install like any modular retaining wall system.

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