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StoneWall Select: Installation
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Constructing Steps

Attractive, durable, highly functional steps – in either straight or scalloped designs, with 6" to 8" risers – are easy to build using StoneWall SELECT units.

Base preparation and compaction are absolutely essential to achieve proper results.

Steps without caps, Plan View
Do not batter side walls
Do not use interlock clips in side walls

A minimum of 6" of granular base is required under all risers. If the base soil is unacceptable, remove and replace with granular drainage fill.

The height of the riser may be determined by the position of the unit adjacent to the step below it. If the top of the base is flush with the top of the StoneWall SELECT unit in the step below there will be an 8" rise.

Steps with Caps
(6" rise)
Section View

Reduce the base elevation by 2" and a 6" rise will be achieved.

Fill all units with granular drainage material. Adhere the cap stones to the StoneWall SELECT units with a concrete adhesive.


Steps with Caps
(7" rise)
Section View 
Note: When the retaining wall turns 90 degrees to face the steps, do not install the clips in the StoneWall SELECT units, and lay the units so the back of the wall is flush, without a batter or set-back in the wall. The steps between the facing walls will provide adequate stabilization. See illustration above.
Steps with Caps
(8" rise)
Section View 
90 degree Steps without caps,
Plan View
Radial Steps without caps,
Plan View


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