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StoneWall Select: Installation
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Constructing Curved or Serpentine Walls

The unique design of the StoneWall SELECT system gives it a built-in advantage when constructing simple or elaborate curving retaining walls around embankments or planting beds. The flexible placement of the interlock clips on StoneWall SELECT unit and the double wings, which are easily knocked off at the site, allow for the construction of outside curves with a radius as tight as 4' 9". The serpentine cap will follow this same radius without saw-cutting any units.

Always align the units from the back. Inside curves can also be easily achieved by placing the unit faces edge to edge at the desired angles.

Knock-off Wings

To build outside curves, remove the knock-off wings as shown by striking them with a hammer. (Using a masonry chisel will create a very clean cut.)

Radii for outside curves decrease by 3/4" per course of StoneWall SELECT.

Note: Never lay a base course to the tightest radius for outside curves. Therefore determine the desired radius at the top of the wall. Multiply the number of courses X 3/4". Add this amount to the top radius to determine the base course radius.

Conversely, radii for inside curves increase by 3/4" (the set-back) per course of StoneWall SELECT. After determining the desired radius at the top of the wall, multiply the number of courses X 3/4" and subtract this amount from the top radius to determine the starting radius for the base course.



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