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Installing Planted NatureWalls

Now you don’t have to choose between
a planted
NatureWall and
a Segmental Retaining Wall!

New NatureWall Clips increase your options to visually soften the wall face, with the strength, beauty and easy installation you love in StoneWall SELECT.

NatureWall Clips create an automatic set back, exposing hollow cores of blocks for planting.

You plant vegetation in rows, pockets or sections—any shape, anywhere—for extra dimension and color. Drip irrigation installs fast and easy in molded slots.
Imagine the possibilities!

Variations in your and foliage can produce anything from horizontal stripes of color to an entirely green wall. You will use geogrid and all other design criteria as specified in the StoneWall SELECT Installation Guidelines for non-GreenWall areas of your design and the NatureWall Guidelines for Green Wall sections.
1. Install filter fabric beneath the planting cores of the blocks, fill the cores with planting soil, wrap filter fabric around back of blocks and over the top of filled cores as shown in illustration.
2. Install 1/4” drip irrigation tube in the block cable slot as shown. Place a drip emitter on the tube in each core. Test the system.
3. Place the GreenWall clips in the slots at the back of the block as shown. Install the next course of StoneWall SELECT units.
4. Place the plants in the soil-filled cores of the block.
5. Trim the planting cores with mulch, chips or stones.
NOTE: See NatureWall Installation Guidlelines Addendum for more detailed information regarding soil conditions, wall heights, slope behind wall, and surcharge conditions. 



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