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Submerged Walls

StoneWall SELECT may be used in water applications such as ponds, creeks and small lakes. However, the stability of the foundation soil, protection of the wall base from ice action, wave action, scour etc., and design of the drainage system require professional analysis and engineering of submerged walls. In addition the following recommendations should be followed:

Submerged Wall, Section View

1. A free draining granular aggregate should be placed behind the StoneWall SELECT units in a 1:1 ratio of wall height to depth of the granular fill. All geogrid soil reinforcement will be placed in granular drainage fill.

2. The entire wall system including the wall base and geogrid reinforced zone shall be protected with a geo-textile fabric. See illustration.

3. A drainage system must be designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure from behind the retaining wall and provide for adequate flow of water as the water table changes.

4. Rip rap protection should be provided in front of the wall to protect the wall from scour, wave action, ice action etc. as required.


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