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StoneWall Select: Installation
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Add the finishing touch of Landscape Lighting to your StoneWall SELECT project

Your StoneWall SELECT retaining wall looks beautiful during the day.
Now you can "show it off" at night with landscape lighting.
This will add safety and security too!

StoneWall SELECT units are designed with built-in cable slots for low voltage electrical cables.

Easy installation.

1. Lay the low voltage electrical supply cable in the cable slots cast in the top of each block. DO NOT PLUG IN ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CABLE TO POWER SOURCE.
2. Hold the lighting fixture backplate in position against the block and mark the hole locations.
3. Using a 1/4" masonry bit, drill three holes through the front of the block. Insert two masonry screw anchors in the two mounting holes. Thread the light fixture cable through the center hole. Secure the backplate to the face of the block with two screws.
4. Connect the fixture cable to the electrical supply cable. Install StoneWall SELECT caps to finish your project.


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