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StoneWall Select: Installation
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Finishing the Wall

A. Top of the wall

Finish the top of the wall with one of the StoneWall SELECT cap options. Straight caps in 8", 12", or 16" lengths may be available from your supplier or use the versatile serpentine cap unit which will cap straight and curved walls to a radius of 4' 9" without having to make any cuts.

When making a 90 degree corner one serpentine cap must be cut in half. Both sides of the serpentine cap are finished with a split face

Capped Wall using 6"/8" Serpentine Caps

Adhere the caps to the wall with a concrete adhesive.

The top of the wall is completely covered. There are no gaps or unfinished edges. (see illustration above)

B. End of the wall

StoneWall SELECT offers attractive options for finishing the end of the wall.

As the wall changes height, use either the 90 degree corner unit to provide a split finish (see illustration), or use an 8" long cap unit laid vertically to finish the end (see illustration), or turn a tight radius into the embankment.

Wall end using Cap Unit, Plan View 
Lay Cap Unit Vertically. Tuck 2" chip under 6" side at back. Attach bottom, top and side with adhesive.
Wall end using 8" Corner Unit,
Plan View 
Wall end using 4" Corner Unit,
Plan View 


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